AWstats & GeoIP_city




As the subject indicates, I’m currently attempting to get awstats running on my hosting account. I’ve followed the wiki instructions and have the awstats page working, along with geoCountry (i think at least).

However, when I attempt to click the link for GeoIPcity, I get an error stating the page cannot be found - which it rightly can’t as it hasn’t been created. I’m not sure how recently Maxmind began offering the Lite verion for GeoIPcity as a freebie, but it is up on their site.

I’ve edited my awstats.mydomain.conf file to add the 3 necessary LoadPlugin lines as shown on antezeta’s site ( if you’re interested).

I’ve also rerun the perl command as noted on the DH wiki after added these three LoadPlugin lines - thinking maybe the perl program would update itself.

Has anyone got this working that can point out the, most likely, obvious step I’m missing in getting this to work?