AWStats / crontab problem

Having a problem with AWStats / crontab… Lately I’ve noticed that my AWStats has been missing a couple days of entries (example here: )… Thinking that AWStats has an error somewhere, I checked my crontab logs as I have crontab email me the results from each execution… On the days that it missed, I have no email; nothing showing that the crontab was even run for that day; other days its fine. Is this a problem with the crontab itself, or AWStats, or the http logs themselves?? Any ideas on debugging this problem??

General info:

AWStats 6.3 (build 1.800)
crontab entry: 0 2 * * * /home/cyrix/bin/ctab (has the perl command-line scripts for running awstats on all domains and subdomains)
http logfiles are in normal place…