Awstats cron job

So, I installed Awstats using the instructions at the wiki, and set up the cron job. But the thing is, I don’t think my cron runs right. I get a regular email whose content I’ve pasted below, and I don’t know what’s wrong. I’ve tried reentering the cron, and am sure I entered the right command, but nothing seems to work

daily email:

----- awstats_buildstaticpages 1.2 (build 1.31) © Laurent Destailleur -----
awstats_buildstaticpages allows you to launch AWStats with -staticlinks option
to build all possible pages allowed by AWStats -output option.

Usage: (awstats_options) [awstatsbuildstaticpages_options]

where awstats_options are any option known by AWStats
-config=configvalue is value for -config parameter (REQUIRED)
-update option used to update statistics before to generate pages
-lang=LL to output a HTML report in language LL (en,de,es,fr,…)
-month=MM to output a HTML report for an old month=MM
-year=YYYY to output a HTML report for an old year=YYYY

and awstatsbuildstaticpages_options can be
-awstatsprog=pathtoawstatspl AWStats software ( path
-dir=outputdir Output directory for generated pages
-diricons=icondir Relative path to use as icon dir in links
-builddate=%YY%MMÝ Used to add build date in built pages filenames
-staticlinksext=xxx Build pages with .xxx extension (default .html)
-buildpdf[=pathtohtmldoc] Build a PDF file after building HTML pages.
Output directory must contains icon directory
when this option is used (need ‘htmldoc’)

New versions and FAQ at

If you are seeing an email like that your cron job is definitely not set up right. It is running but it’s not calling properly.

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Well, here’s a screenshot of the crontab I have. It was copied straight from the wiki.

Thanks! Disabling auto wrap did the trick! :slight_smile:
Although, it did took some while going through the pico code :slight_smile: