AWStats cron job didn't run for a day

Hi all

I set up AWStats as per the wiki instructions - - and set up a cron job to run every night to create the static results pages.

For some reason, the cron job didn’t run on Saturday night - no email confirmation, no updates - and by the time it ran again on Sunday, Saturday’s stats had been archived. Now my AWStats page isn’t showing any entries for Saturday :frowning:

Is there any way to run the stats update package again but with Saturday’s stats? Equally, does anyone know why a cron job wouldn’t run? I haven’t made any changes to it since I set it up.


All of my cron scripts (backup, stats, etc.) seem to be gone. crontab -l shows that there is nothing there. When I try to add my scripts back into to the crontab with crontab -e, I can’t save them. I get an error when it goes to write to the crontab:

crontabs/tmp.7Ys3xj: Permission denied

The /usr/local/var/spool/cron/crontabs directory is empty and I’m wondering if it is stored on another NFS share that is/was not mounted.

Anyone else having these problems? Any thoughts?


Llew Roberts

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Whoa. Yeah - I’ve just SSH’ed in and am getting the same thing. “Permission denied” when I try a “crontab -l” or “-e”. Wonder what’s going on? I’m on Melrose.

Same here, on scotch. Hmm.


… and on Broadway. If this was intentional, it would have been nice get a warning before it happened.

Saith support:

I checked and it’s working again for me.


OK, now I can view my crontab and have verified that nothing has changed since I set it up.

Does anyone have any idea on my original question - is there a way to get AWStats to update using Saturday’s stats?

This takes a few steps using your shell account, but hopefully it’ll work:

  1. Copy the logs/DOMAIN.COM/http/access.log.2006-06-24.gz file into your home directory (you can’t unzip in that logs directory)
  2. gunzip access.log.2006-06-24.gz
  3. Edit your awstats.conf file to point to the new logfile
  4. Re-run that cronjob
  5. Cross your fingers and check the results
  6. Delete the gunzipped file and change your conf file back


Scott, many thanks for your detailed reply. Sadly, that’s what I’ve been trying and the stats haven’t updated.

I’ve unzipped the log file into my home directory, updated the conf file to point to it and have run the update command. The access.log.2006-06-24 file is around 2 Meg in size so you’d expect there to be some information in there, but the stats pages don’t get updated and there’s still a “hole” where Sat’s results should be. Have tried with Sunday’s as well to make sure - still nothing. Very strange. Maybe something weird happened on Saturday night which has screwed things up.

Thanks for trying though.

One other thought - is there an error log for AWStats? Because I just gave it a fake logfile (“access.log.bull”) and it ran through the update process without spitting out a “file not found” error. I’m wondering if I did things right, or if I edited the correct conf file (I should be using the one in awstats/cgi-bin, right?)

It’s still broken on union.