AWStats and Apache Log


I have AWStats installed for some of my domains. It was OK at the very beginning but now I am sure a lot of records are not included.

I’m using a version of AWStats that I can press a key to update (read the data from Apache log and then update the statistics). If I don’t do it for a day, the # of visitors would become 0 for that day and that is obvious impossible.

I guess DH only keeps the Apache logs on server for 24 hrs since a log file over 2 GB problem, and this causes the problem.

I do not use Cron to schedule the update because I think this would not solve the problem completely neither.

Anyone has experienced the same problem?

I’m on Monster.

Martin Lam

Daily log files roll over to compressed format (log-name.gz) after a day or so. You’ll have to point to the correctly named old file, to use it. You can adjust how many days are saved, in the panel under Status, Site Statistics.
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Dear Tor,

Thank you for your kindly advice.

I have adjusted it to keep 14 days for the logs and am monitoring if the statistics would eventually be improved. :slight_smile:

Martin Lam


Thanks to Tor’s suggestion, my AWStats works properly now. :slight_smile:

Martin Lam