Any help on using AWS-CLI ?

It is the most uptodate s3 tool right now.

I took a look at the page you linked, but it seems this tool is very specifically developed for amazon. DreamObjects has an S3 compatible interface, and so will work with nearly all S3 clients, but they need the ability to change the “host” that they connect to to “”. I couldn’t find a configuration parameter for this tool to do so. It is possible that modifying the code could make it work.

There are other command line tools that work with DreamObjects if you would prefer. A couple off the top of my head are:
boto-rsync -

I hope that helps!

Hi JustinK

Problem is the Boto-Rsync creator himself moved to aws-cli (as you can read on the project’s issues thread at github.

And s3cmd is far from stable (at least on my VPS, my mac and my raspberry).

But the main reason I need aws-cli is the hability to --delete-before on a sync job. On my project I always need to first clean the precious space of my raspberry sd, and then, download/sync the files with the bucket.

It is out of my understanding to modify the aws-cli code to work with dreambojects endpoint. Maybe a power user from this forum could fork it.

Btw, if you know how to make these other tools, boto/s3cmd to first delete, then sync/mirror, please advice me.


I did some basic testing (upload, download, delete, sync) with aws-cli and was able to get it to work with DreamObjects using the --endpoint-url option. I still had to run “aws configure” to enter my DreamObjects access and secret keys. Then I was able to do this: