Awaiting Approval


I recently signed up for 1 year hosting using the 777 code and as of yet I have not been approved and it’s been over 24 hours since payment was made. It has been paid for and I would like to use this service asap.

Pls get back in touch with me asap.

Best Regards,

Bobby Bain

Creative Worlds

I recieved an e-mail about 3 hours ago from tech support saying it had been activated when in fact it wasn’t and still isn’t.

So far I am not impressed… I am more impressed by leaves falling during the fall than the support I am getting.

I am testing support and the service to see if they are good enough to get the better services, how-ever if this is how support is then…well, we shall see.

For assistance from support, you’ll get much better response if you write them directly at support at dreamhost dot com, or even better, use the web panel.

Considering that US celebrates Halloween, and that it was weekend, that might be a cause of the delay. Check around this forum and you will find that most customers are extremely satisfied with the service level and response times from support. While it’s true that there are a few exceptions, they aren’t a great concern for most customers – like myself.

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they activated the account now…

I know it was a holiday as I am in the US also…but what got me was I got replies from tech support.

Oh well, it is up and running now and i’ll see what this company has to offer.

Thanks for activating the account dreamhost, I appreciate it.