AW Stats help, please

I installed AWStats by following the wiki directions. I waited for a week, but my AWStats report page is all zeros, showing the status of “Never updated”. When I run an update from the command line, I get this:

“Error: Couldn’t open file “/” for write: Permission denied
Setup (’./’ file, web server or permissions) may be wrong.
Check config file, permissions and AWStats documentation (in ‘docs’ directory).”

I am fairly certain I’ve followed the directions to the letter. It appears that the log file that I’m attempting to point to is a daily report, yet my (empty) AWstats report ( appears to be a monthly one. Something’s configured wrong, I guess, and if there’s a permissions trouble, I can’t seem to fix it with chmod.

Frankly I’m unhappy that I have to do this at all, but I can’t seem to access my analog stats at all (I just get a “page not found” error, and don’t want to break my movable type install by mucking around in htaccess). I really really wish that AWstats could be installed for me, this is really taking tons of my time. My old host had daily updates and even a recent visitors page, all installed automatically. Sorry to pout, but installing this is beyond me, and I know my way around a command line fairly well.

Have you contacted support to see why you can’t access the stats DH provides? MT doesn’t interfer with the stats generation.

Sorry I can’t help you with your installation issue, I’m not familair with that stuff at all. But I’ve MT installed on a couple of domain and stats generates just fine for me.


I have MovableType running with no problems, sorry to hear you do. Did you try this post in the Knowledge Database?

I know you said you don’t want to mess around with .htaccess, but it seems to be just adding 3 lines to the files… good luck!

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As for AWstats, I’d verify that the “DirData” setting in is set correctly. It looks like it’s trying to create that file in the root directory, which would give a permission denied error.

The Wiki instructions say to use this:


You might as well create that directory if it doesn’t exist. I believe the way the Wiki has it, this directory goes in /home/yourusername/awstats/

Thanks everyone, I’ll try these suggestions. I didn’t want to trouble tech support unless I knew it was something out of my control.

Mark, that worked, thank you. I must have missed that somehow, and I did have the permissions set wrong for that folder.

It’s still only monthly stats, but I’m fine with that for now. Thanks again!

Scratch that, it IS daily stats. It all works! Thanks everyone.