Avoiding $100 'redemption' fee?


I let one of my domains expire (accidentally) and now I have to pay $100 to get it back? Seems like a bit of extortion to me.

Is there any way to release this domain so I can have the chance to buy it at regular price? I won’t be heartbroken if I lose the domain, it’s not really worth much. I’m just not interested in paying $100 so it doesn’t go on the ‘expiring domains poachers list’.

If there’s no way around this dubious practice I’ll just buy a new domain, that’s no problem. I just want to know if I can save myself 90 dollars.



There was a 30 day grace period before redemption began…

this article is old but I found it interesting when I was trying to snatch an expired domain name, which is pretty hard to do…


It expired 4/19/2012 and its still in redemption? When can I re-register it? This is very frustrating.


Very misleading information from the panel. The name is already taken by the poaching services; probably has been for days. We’ll see if Dreamhost is willing to do anything to help me out here, since obviously I did not have any chance to grab it when it expired. Here’s hoping they’re willing to step up to the plate.


read the article i linked above. It basically says that a domain name service would grab it. Very unlikey you can re-register a domain name by letting it go thru the expire cycle. It won’t become free again, it will go to one of the domain bulk resellers that buy millions of domains for pennies essentially. The assumption is that if it was ever a domain, then someone will probably want it, and that’s how they make their money.


There is nothing dubious about it. Why blame DH for this and/or give DH in the search engines now a search for Dreamhost and dub…s
You had the option to renew. You get 5 weeks advance notice, every week an email.
You could have set it to auto-renew and would have had 2 months to pay the $9.95

The $100 is charged to DH, so of course they charge it back to you.
They do not even charge you extra administrative costs for it.


The OP should be glad to pay the 100. Some years back I had a domain name under network solutions (boy do they suck) that I had taken over for a fan club. I wasn’t the one responsible for paying it and when the person told me they didn’t (this is after about 3 or 4 years of them paying it) they said they forgot. I didn’t get any notices at all from network solutions. The name had expired by 30 days and someone else had back ordered it. It took me over 6 years to get it back.