Avoid phpBB

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I want to share with the forum my bad experience with phpBB.

I think that some spammers are targeting the phpBBs instances installed on Dreamhost. After a few days of installed, several spam messges were posted on my forum.

I initially thought that it would be just matter of banning their IPs. Bad idea … they have plenty of them, from all over the world.

My second attempt was to configure re-Captcha on phpBB, as probably they broke the ugly captchas included on phpBB… didn’t work… so proably they are using humans to manually post stuff.

So I gave up and remove phpBB…

Do you know some forum app alternative compatible with the stuff that we have on Dreamhost? A simple solution works OK for me.

Thank you


Bad news: This is true of pretty much all forum software, no matter what it is or where it’s installed. Spammers ruin everything. :frowning:

We have had excellent luck on this forum using the Stop Forum Spam database to block spam registrations. It’s not foolproof, but it does stop a lot of spammers in their tracks.


For a popular forum that generates some income, using a commercial forum product, such as vBulletin, XenForo, etc., might offer some added protection. Being commercial, the developers will be more proactive about removing potential security defects, and there may be more add-ons (some commercial) to provide enhanced security.

We don’t get much, but I say that only in a cautionary fashion.


Google “zbblock”.


I will have to give that a try on my not open 20% ready phpBB forum.
Looks promising on the info I found


Out of the box, phpbb’s spam protection is quite weak, but you can harden it up with mods. I’ve used phpbb for the past few years, and don’t have an issue with spam bots (my site gets over a million visitors a month, so it’s not a small site). There are quite a few mods available that can help stop automated registrations. Try things like the ‘humanizer’ mod (for phpBB2) and similar ones for phpBB3.