Avoid Dreamhost

I run a website that gives loans to the poor (www.kiva.org) . Dreamhost has crashed my site 2 times per week for a month. Today, it has been down for over an hour and we are losting $1000’s.

I implore anyone to avoid dreamhost. They will give you reasons for their incompetence. The simple fact is that they should be more prepared to handle the responsibility they are given in hosting 1000’s of sites. Dreamhost does not live up to their responsibility

Sorry to hear about your experiences (you posted x3 identical threads)

I have been with DH for about 4 months now and have always found them to be helpful & reponsive, I understand issues can occur that are sometimes frustrating and annoying however it may be worth speaking to them to see if they are able to offer any options to you before you ‘jump ship’

It’s unfortunate that you had to come at a very bad time, and I’d recommend using your 97 days fully before you make a decision on whether to change hosts. I wouldn’t go about stating any “fact” about DH if you haven’t been here long enough to really know about they’re usual level of service.

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I’ve been with dreamhost 4 months. During one month of that time, Dreamhost has crashed 5 times for several hours each time. The result of this has been a loss of $1000’s that would have gone to the poor. There exists no excuse for performance that bad.

Furthermore, DH reps respond promptly on this board, but not promptly in terms of customer support. I would appreciate someone from DH to call me while I am bleeding cash that would have ended up in the hands of poor entrepreneurs (www.kiva.org)

Hmm, sorry for you loses, but posting about it over and over just makes you look like a troll. One thread is enough.

And I’ve been here for a little over a year, and haven’t really had any problems. But perhaps I’m just on the good server.

And stop trying to guilt trip people with the ‘poor entrepreneurs’ thing. I mean, webhosting isn’t always a piece of cake, things WILL happen. If there was a perfect webhost out there, I’m sure we’d all be using them.