Aviation issues?


Is anyone else having issues with sites hosted on the “aviation” server? I’ve got 3 sites currently hosted. One of them is almost always running trouble-free. The other two consistently are having issues, timing out loading PHP pages or even static items… This has been going on off and on for the past week. I’m using host-tracker.com to monitor the sites and I’ve got 2+ hours of downtime on these sites just this week…


Contact support and ask them to check into it. There’s not much we can do for you, being customers our selves.

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I wasn’t really asking for assistance… I was simply asking if anyone else here was having any issues with their sites hosted on that specific server. Just a simple question.

I’d already contacted support and have been working with them already and appear to have it resolved. Thanks.


Aviation has been a little under the weather. Yesterday in particular it had to be rebooted. It has had an average uptime of about two weeks, which we really would like to improve. We have this server on watch and we’ll be investigating likely causes of this instability. Sorry for the trouble.


Thank you! I’m glad to know that I’m not completely nuts. I will be looking forward to getting it resolved…