Avg. time for new domain to become live?

Hi all,

I signed up yesterday and received my passwords and stuff. I am able to upload files (a basic index.html) to mydomainname.com dir but when I try to reach my website by typing the url it shows me a server not found error.

The support told me it might take a few hours for the site to be live but on an average how much more do I have to wait.

I’ve read some similar posts here and seems liek I haven’t messed up any step.


p.s. the url is www.sachinmukti.com

DNS record changes can take a while to “propagate”, but if you haven’t had success after 48 hours you may need to check back with support.

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Hi noizfactory,

If you register through and hosted with Dreamhost, it usually active up to a couple hours. But if you register through others and already active, it usually points to the registrar nameserver. And later if you point to Dreamhost, it usually take a couple days.



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Thanks supernova and jessey.

Yeah, I registered and hosted it with Dreamhost. I still get the web site not found page. Can you guys check on www.sachinmukti.com please? I’ve read cases where people in other regions could view website while for others it didn’t show up.

The site is still not available, but your WHOIS record is now live so it should only be a matter of time.

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