Average time for a mirror?


I set up one domain under my account to mirror another. This was about 30 minutes ago. Does anyone know how long it usually takes on Dreamhost?

http://www.cliftonmotelnyc.com should be mirroring http://dev.cliftonmotelnyc.com but… no dice. Any suggestions?

It looks like your dev site is Fully Hosted right now. Double check under Manage Domains -> Edit that the green arrow for “Active” is pointing to the Mirror section (or just look at the entry in Manage Domains.

sdayman, there’s no real way to distinguish between a mirror and a fully hosted site from your end. Both of them show up the same way — the only difference is that a mirror uses the same VirtualHost entry as the site it mirrors.

In this case, though, both domains do currently appear to be fully hosted, and have separate web directories.

Exactly. If it was a mirror, I’d see the main site’s content. In this case, I see an empty directory, save the favicon files.