Availability of IT Staff


Does Dreamhost have a good IT support?

When I send email and ask something, I will got a timely autoreply - really useless!

Nobody answer my question - a real surprise!

I am in another side of globe, time lag make it difficult for me to get my question answered timely.

Does Dreamhost IT support staff work 24 hours? I believe there is one on duty to pass message than solving problem.

Any comments from you guys?

Nice to meet you!

Just a reminder that this is a customer-to-customer forum.

I’ve had some questions answered late at night, so I know there’s at least someone around 24 hours.

I suspect it’s a matter of submitting your questions at the appropriate category. I know that DreamHost is based in Los Angeles and so their most highly skilled technical resources will only be generally available during “tech business hours” in the US Pacific timezone - notwithstanding any night owls. I’m sure they have support staff working 24x7 and I’m also sure that they have lots of folks on-call 24x7.

What kinds of questions are you asking and at what priority?

Finally, remember that I’m just guessing from what I know about the company I work for (not DreamHost). I don’t know their operational support plan.

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It varies, just last Saturday at 10am I had a question answered and problem solved in two (2!!!) minutes, first I thought it was an auto reply, but actually it was a really nice human response, not a short one either. It’s scary. So they are also available on Saturdays, probably on Sundays too.

Sometimes the responses took a day, but never longer. Mostly it doesn’t even take an hour.


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