Availability of domains after expiration

I was a former dreamhost user, but my account expired months ago. I want to use the same domain for another host. How long does it take for it to be available again? My account expired on April 1.

I’m not optimistic when it comes to recovering an expired domain. Average Joes seem to be at a disadvantage when it comes to snagging domains.

If you registered it through DreamHost, contact support to see if they can renew it for you. If you registered it elsewhere, contact their support to try to renew it.


The expiration date of your hosting account doesn’t necessarily correspond with the expiration date of your domain; the two are different.

If you switch hosting, you can repoint the domain at your new host; it is not permanently tied to a hosting plan. You’re best off not letting a domain expire, because if/when it does, anybody else can register it, and somebody else might grab it before you can get it back.

– Dan

If the domain is registered with DH and hasn’t expired, you still should be able to access the web panel and change its nameservers.

If it has expired, you just have to hope that you can register it again before anyone else can.

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