Avada theme build crashed at production volume

Have any of you had Avada crash on production due to cpu/ram use?

I built a site based on the Avada theme that ran on dreamhost for about a month as I developed it. Saturday I launched it in full production. Today it went down. I am speculating the server killed the user running php, perhaps when a slew of spiderbots hit it. Any php script returns a no-response-error. I wasn’t collecting CPU stats on the users so I don’t have any information about how the site might have been overusing ram/CPU.

I submitted a ticket about 6 hours ago asking if support could share any information they have on their side about the user that appears to have been shut down. I haven’t heard back yet.

I’ve failed the site back to our old non-wordpress site on our old webhost. I’m trying to get the dreamhost site back up so I can start gathering stats on it to try to find the failure. I can point to a copy of the site that seems to be working on another dreamhost account but my current account fails after one page hit.


bekhardt, Sorry about the delay. I do try to check in here for WP issues more often but I got stuck in development bogs last week.

The Avada theme isn’t generally -bad- with PHP, so though I see you’ve been moved to a VPS, there’s some general advice.

  • ModPagespeed - This is actually REALLY hit or miss, depending on the site. If the theme and plugins generate a lot of on the fly CSS/JS, it’s horrible, since it has to cache all the time. On the other hand, for static design sites, it can be pretty impressive. It’s hard to tell without testing, of course, the real world production level traffic :confused:

  • PHP - 5.3 is good, 5.4 CAN be amazing. Some people (me) have seen a 15% drop in memory just by switching to Geiko! … Wait… Anyway. We have PHP fast-cgi and php CGI. Which one should you use? WP is generally cool on fast-cgi, but sometimes I’ve seen people say CGI is better. When I figure out why the gremlins do that, I’ll let you know.

  • Traffic - You said it crashed when you switched to live. How much traffic were you getting? Remember everyone had to cache the new data, so live-day is always harder on the box than pre-live.

  • VPS Spikes - I’m seeing some spikes on your VPS, which make me wonder if there’s just nothing getting cached. I would turn off Jabber Configuration on your server, if you’re not using it, to safe a little CPU power, and …

  • Caching - You’re on a VPS, so w3-total-cache is good :slight_smile: Just be careful with it and tune it slowly. In general I start with Disk-Enhanced caching for files, NO css minification, and just browser cache. I’ll slowly add in other layers as it goes on. I never recommend DB caching, it’s just weird.

  • nginx - You’re on a VPS, so you can switch to that (however it comes with PHP 5.2, I know, I’m sorry). That can be faster than Apache, though since you’re problem was PHP, I don’t know that it would be a good idea.

I hope that helps you sort through some things!