Autosize to fit 13, 15, & 17-inch mon


Hi there,

I’m creating my website on my 15" laptop where everything fits perfectly of course as I make it.

But when I view it on my 13" work monitor, everything appears much larger and you have to scroll to view the entire page.

Is there anyway to fix the site so that it adjusts to any screen you view it on?




Really, “double posting” (putting the same post on more than one forum here) is a “Bad Thing” ™. It makes it very hard to keep a conversation’s responses all together, and often results in having two different conversations going at once. Please, only post in one forum at at tame for the same issue.

Yes, but I’m not sure what is involved in doing it with iWEB.

Essentially, you set “widths” to be percentages of the screen size rather than in pixels, or other “fixed” measurements.

Note that this is actually related to the resolution of the screen (the number of pixels displayed on the screen), not the physical size of the monitor (though generally speaking, those with smaller screen dimensions usually use lower resolution settings).



Hi RL,

Sorry didn’t mean to rock the boat with the double posts, only add it where any user who might not see it in one might see it in another. I’ll keep it to one at a time :slight_smile:

To your reply, thanks! I’ll see if I can determine how to configure my iWeb pages based on your info.



How things appear is related to both screen resolution and screen physical size, whether the browser is maximized or using less than full screen, sometimes type of browser, and options set, etc. How much effort you want to spend on all that is up to you. What’s that expression, “you can please some of the people all of the time, or all of the people some of the time, but it’s really really hard to please all of the people all of the time?”


Ha ha… that is, of course, a more accurate description of what’s involved, and also a really good observation. Thanks! :wink:



It totally sucks that you are forced to use a 13" monitor at work. I didn’t even know they still made such things!

I wanted to set your mind at ease about scrolling. Users have become very comfortable with scrolling, and most do not mind if they have to. The web is a very different medium to print, and it is quite alright for you to have pages that are considerably longer than you would normally expect. The best thing to do is break up the text a bit, with plenty of white space (a wall of text is ugly), and include relevant and interesting images. Entice your users to scroll down!

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I agree with that, with one important caveat offered: scrolling vertically can be managed - scrolling horizontally is the kiss of death. :open_mouth: .



It goes without saying that horizontal scrolling is evil. Up there with frames, and .

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Thanks all :slight_smile: I agree. I’m at least going to try to rid myself of the horizontal scrolling.




That sucks even more than a 13" screen!

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Actually, this demonstrates the important difference between screen size and resolution. The 13" macbook screen is 1280x800. That’s more than wide enough to display any reasonably well-designed web page.

At work we’re still required to design for 1024x768. We’re also highly encouraged to design for full utilization of larger screens.

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Ha! My poor old eyes could never handle 1280x800 in a 13" screen. It sucks to get old(er)! :wink:



Hmm… and I’ve been thinking about getting a Samsung Q1 ultra mobile pc with 1024x600 on a 7" screen.

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I use the web developer add-on/extension for Firefox. It has a resize tool that allows you to define as many screen resolutions as you want.

I constantly use shtml, css, and javascript for my 9-5. This tool has been very useful.

A similar tool exist for IE.


As some others have mentioned, this is a matter of resolution. Your site should work without flaw at 1024x768 and should still be very usable at 800x600. It’s your choice whether you want to use a fixed or fluid design, but remember that most non-Windows users don’t maximize their windows.

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