I don’t mean the type I can set up thru the dreamhost control panel…and maybe I’m using the wrong terminology…

I want to send a series of canned weekly emails to a user who subscribes. Ideally this will run on auto-pilot without my intervention. I’d rather not pay a monthly fee, and best case would be free. Anybody have recommendations?

Dreamhost provides the python “mailman” list management system free of charge ( See the Announcement lists section of the Control Panel).

While not completely “auto-pilot”, it’s pretty close, and it is integrated nicely with DH spam policy / mass-email monitoring systems (which is a big plus).


Thanks, but I don’t think this is quite what I’m looking for. Perhaps if you think of the emails as chapters of a story. User1 subscribes today, he will get chapter 1 immediately and a new chapter weekly thereafter; User2 subscribes 3 weeks from now - she will get chapter 1 at that point while User1 will be due to get chapter 4. It’s asynchronous I guess one might say…

Ah! I understand. That sounds like a fairly sophisticated application, as it has to send different emails to different list members on a regular basis while maintaining a database of who gets what. Not really an autoresponder, or simple list manager at all, but a specialized automated mailing list manager.

I have not seen such a thing, though you might try - if someone has such a thing available, you are likely to find it there. Good Luck!