Autoresponder Features

Hi there.

I’ve been looking for more information on the Dreamhost Autoresponders. Am I correct in my assesment that I can set them to send a single message, but cannot set them to send a series of five or ten messages to each address that mails to the autorsponders?

If I can do that, can anyone point me to where that feature lies on the control panel?



PS - Thanks to Dreamhost for the upgrade to unlimited domains and subdomains! You rock!

Autoresponder was not meant to send someone multiple messages. It is meant to act kind of like an answering machine, in that it will sent some one a message telling them you had received their message.
You can use announce lists to send multiple messages.

If you want a true autoresponder (e.g. that allows people to unsubscribe, tracks clicks, has timed intervals to send out emails, etc.) then you need to purchase one like this from aweber.


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