AutoMySQLBackup Script

I’ve downloaded the script from and have edited it with my info. Currently, I’m getting the following error due to the host name of the MySQL server. "ERROR 2003 (HY000): Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘benji’ (111).

On the DH Manage MySQL panel, it shows “benji:eeds” for MySQL Server. In the script, I tried “benji:eeds” (without the quotes) and “benji” (without the quotes) but neither worked. There are two databases to backup and both have the same user/password.

Any ideas on what to try? Anyone on DH successful configure this script?

It might help if you had posted the script so we could check you have edited it properly!

As a general rule, mysql databases are reached at DH by their url. Go to your panel and click goodies, manage mysql to what the hostname is for your database

I believe your problem is with the mysql server name. That sould be something like You’ll also need to specify the database name, plus user/pass.

In the Panel click Goodies >Manage MySQL> and find the “hostname” for the database(s) you’re trying to backup. The bold text under “Database” is the name of your DB.

Hopefully you can plug in this information and get your software working. There’s also an article in the DH wiki title Automatic Backup that you may find helpful - not only does it cover backing up MySQL, but site data as well.

–Matttail - personal website