Automating panel operations

Is there a way to call some (or possibly any) of the panel operations through some shell commands? I’d like to script some repetitive procedures.



It is possible to automate things through the panel, but there’s no easy built in way to do it. I know this has come up on the board beore, so searching should provide some results.

However you basically have to set up your script to authenticate it self to the panel and then submit what ever to the panel as if someone were actually using it.

If you look at the wiki article for Dynamic DNS there is a script there that takes informaiton about your IP Address and updates the the advanced DNS section of the control panel. I’m sure there’s other articles too, but I don’t know off the top of my head. Hopefully that’s enough info to lead you in the right direction.

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Thank you for the reply. I imagined that so I started coding some Perl script to do that.

Thank god! I’ve been looking for the same type of information… thanks for the pointer to the Wiki

Okay since I last posted I’ve been trying to set up a PHP script to interface with the DH control panel. I’m hitting a brick wall though in that it won’t log in the script.

I tried dupicatign the log in page and then capturing the cookie that is sent back, but the page response from the log in page includes

“Uh oh! Please make sure cookies are enabled! If so, try deleting your “” cookie and re-trying!”

Which I don’t understand how it sends that since the cookie has only just been sent back so the response page doesn’t actually know ANYTHING about the status of the DH cookie at that time!

So I then captured an existing DH panel session cookie from my browser and used that as a static cookie instead. However it was ignored by the DH site and all I got was the log in page back…

I hesitate to post the PHP code as its a bit of a mess (haha understatement!) but I’m using cURL to pull the pages.

Am I missing something obvious? Any suggestions?

Okay worked out what that problem was - it seems the DH panels expect to see a cookie from a previous visit to the DH panels page. So I start the sequence now with a visit to the login page, capture the cookie that is sent on that page, and pass that into the request that contains the login information.

Now I’m getting a response from the DH server that is blank… nothing, no HTTP header, result code, nothing…

Please look here:

For the results of my explorations of using PHP to access the DH control panel…