Automaticaly apply Reward credits to account when needed and one other question

Two questions regarding the reward system:

  1. Is it possible that reward credits are automatically applied to your account billing when a payment needs to be made or do you always have to apply them manually?

  2. How do I find the original Dreamhost promo code that I used to sign up myself? I can’t find it through the panel nor in my own notes (maybe I didn’t write it down). It was back in 2007!

  1. I believe rewards credits are always applied to your account automatically before we charge your credit card (or send you a bill).

  2. Interesting question! I’m not certain that we expose this anywhere; I’ve sent you an email with the details on what you used.

OK, that would be good as I currently don’t have a credit card, and don’t want to risk any interruption - there’s enough rewards credit for now.

Thanks Andrew! I got the mail. Interesting, wonder where I fished that one up…

I can confirm this. Rewards are used automatically if funded.