Automatic Increase

Hello. I have a question. I have 200 GB and 2000 MB Crazy Domain insane package. My disk storage increases by 1 GB and bandwidth by 16 GB every week. So after three months it should be 212 GB and 2192 MB . But if DreamHost decide to upgrade the original Crazy Domain insane package itself to say for example 300 GB and 3000 MB, will I be upgraded to whichever is higher i.e. the new 300 GB and 3000 Mb or will I remain stuck at 212 GB and 2192 MB? Thanks for any help in this matter.

They would upgrade all existing customers. At least that is what they have done so far when they upgrade the plans.

When DreamHost recently upgraded the quota for my plan, I received the new increased quota amounts plus the bonus quota I had accrued since being with DreamHost.


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And what if my automatically weekly increased disk storage and bandwidth is more than their new upgraded plan’s disk storage and bandwidth? Will it higher one remain or I will loose it? Thanks.

Sorry I did not see the answer of Raz2133. I guess that fully answers my questions. This DH forum is very helpful and quick. Thanks to you guys.

It took me a few WEEKS to fully wrap my noodle around this concept of weekly increase when the limits you are seeing are MONTHLY limits.

So your 2+bonus terabytes of bandwidth are “renewed” after each “billing cycle”. For a long time I had assumed that since the limit was so unbelievably big that it had to be a “starting balance” while the bonus bandwidth was what was added to it every week. If I used up everything I was out until the next week.

I was wrong (and some of the DH staff agreed that it’s confusing to give weekly bonus yet measure monthly).

That’s freakin’ huge.

The upgrade is absolutely painless. Just don’t drop from year/2year to monthly, you’ll get busted for the setup fee.