Automatic email response script

I have a few years of experience in web management, but I’ve only recently started doing my own design. Currently, I’m building a site for a guy, and used one of Dreamhost’s canned scripts for his contact form. He is now also considering an auto-response form email from his business to thank his online customers for submission of info on the contact form.

The information I found on the web said that this scripting is determined by the host, as it is a server-side script. If it’s possible to accomplish this scripting through Dreamhost, Can anyone give me a shove in the right direction to find the info I need?

Thanks in advance.

You could probably have the script send mail to an address that auto-replies, then forwards to his main address. That way, other emails won’t get the reply.

Not sure what you can do with DH’s script, but if you can set it to redirect to a page of your choice, you could make it a PHP page that uses the mail() function to send an email.

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You need to have some expertise in server side programming (like php, perl… both are supported by dreamhost).

As for php, you can use mail() function or phpmailer.

If you already had that knowledge, you can combine it with Dreamhost’s autoresponder.

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