Automatic email forwards, jabber accounts, etc

I would like to be able to offer the users of my account email forwards, jabber accounts, and other features of my account that can be added through the control panel. However, I want this to be done automatically, through php. Is there a good way to set this up?

If there isn’t a better solution, my solution is to make a seperate control panel user with the minimum permissions to add the required features. Then, a script in my shell account will access the panel through this account and make changes in response to requests from php. Is there a better way to do this, or should I use my method? Also, is something like this a terms of service violation (I looked through and it doesn’t look like it is, but I want to be sure)

I asked support this question:

“Is it possible to add Jabber accounts via an api or shell script”

The answer is: “at this moment: no”.

I’d like to have this feature added, so I voted up this suggestion

“2004-07-12 Goodies - Jabber IM Allow “open” creation of new Jabber users, rather than just through the web panel.”