Automatic Backup (matttail) stopped working

I followed this tutorial, but are getting some problems. I see at the top of the tutorial there is a warning that I may no longer work…would that cause the issue?

the domain has been replaced with ‘DOMAIN’ and user replaced with user

Starting Domain backups
tar: Cannot stat: No such file or directory
tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors
—Finished all domain backups…

My script is this:

suffix=$(TZ=Australia/Brisbane date +20%y-%m-%d_%H.%M)
domains=( “”)
cd /home/user/.snapshot/nightly.0/
echo Starting Domain backups
for domain in ${domains[@]}

echo Starting ${domain}
tar -cf /home/user/backups/archives/domain/${domain}.$suffix.tar ${domain}/
echo Finished ${domain}
echo —Finished all domain backups…

Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for any help.

New servers no longer have a .snapshot directory. If you’ve recently been moved to a different server (as I have), you’ll need to make some changes.

Change the “cd /home/user/.snapshot/nightly.0/” to just plain ol’ “cd /home/USER/”

That way instead of pulling your data from the nightly snapshot, you’re pulling it from the live site. Technically, NetApp .snapshots are just anything that’s changed from the current live site, like a diff. Pulling from your live site still works well.



Thank you so much. That has fixed the problem. You’re right - I was moved to a different server recently.

I didn’t realise the script was pulling the data from .snapshot - I thought that it was just using that directory as a temporary storage place.

Thank you again.

32 to 64 bit? Noticed the vastly superior response when dealing with files?

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I haven’t noticed much of a change. My stuff always worked, and it still does. My websites aren’t displaying a “NOW! 64 BIT!” banner. Maybe they’re a bit snappier now, but that’s about it.