Automatic Backup Like Time Machine


I would suggest creating a new automatic backup service for external drives with the possibility of recovery, as a Time Machine.

I recommend that the customer could buy and configure the service from the control panel.

It is impossible to imagine that today it is has to do backups manually.


There already are automatic backups. From Manage Domains or MySQL, there’s a Restore button on the far right for each domain or database. Give it a look to see how far back the backups go. Mine show a couple of weeks for domains, and about a week for databases.

However…if something at Dreamhost self destructs, I wouldn’t count on their automatic backups to be reliable. They’re handy if you mess something up, but the best way to backup your data is to do it yourself. For some tips, go to and search for “backups”

For myself, I use mysqldump and rsync to keep a local copy of my websites. TimeMachine is part of my local backup regimen that helps keep multiple copies of my site backups. Plus mirroring (via SuperDuper) to an external drive I keep offsite.

Since most of my sites are using WordPress, I use UpdraftPlus to backup my data to DreamObjects (only costs a buck a month) or to Dropbox.

Hi Scott,

Thanks for your help!

But, I think that DataCenter needs to offer a security service backup. Many Data Centers offer. This can be offer a separated service.

I can’t imagine that’s something DreamHost would want to undertake. Their core business is website hosting and they’ve got it down to a science. Taking on a task such as backups means they would have provide a lot of customer support to help with file recovery and have some way of tracking the integrity of the backups.

Judging from the warnings in the knowledge base: and the the warning box when you click on Restore Domain, they have already put some thought into this and have no interest in a backup service.

There are a number of applications which can be used to back up your computer to DreamObjects listed on our wiki at:

under “Desktop Backup Apps”.