Automated way to add email accounts

if I have a php script that gets the first/last name, the email address, the domain, and the new password, how can I tell it to make an email account?

That really is the whole point of my website… free email . I switched to dreamhost because it’s cheaper, but you guys don’t have cPanel, so I don’t really know what to do. Is it at all possible for me to install cpanel?

I asked the same question a little over 2 weeks ago, and haven’t gotten any feedback yet. I’m sure this is possible, but I haven’t found out how to do it yet. Please keep me informed if you find out more, and I will do the same. Thanks, Ben

I suspect it’s not easly accomplished, if at all. the only way to add E-mails that I know of, is through the panel. However, your best bet is to ask support if it’s possible. There are a lot of things built into the panel that they don’t use or advertize, and it’s possible you might be able to ustilze it.


Thanks for taking the time to post a reply, matttail. I’ll post my findings here, in case others find them useful.


On Thu, 22 Dec 2005, you wrote:


I’m interested in creating a way to have my customers change certain
features (domain mirroring, redirection) without giving them access to
the panel. I know that dreamhost doesn’t have a mechanism to do
this—directly at least.

I’m writing to ask whether it is allowed, or even possible to submit a
validated form from my custom programmed web panel, to the (mysql in between) using LWP::UserAgent, or some
other type of module. This would greatly reduce the amount of account
management I’d have to do by hand.

I know that it’s theoretically possible, however, I don’t know whether
there would be any problems with authenticating and transmitting the
form over SSL.

I hope you could offer some advice, or at least give me the thumbs up
or down. I don’t want to violate your TOS.


Michael De Soto


There’s nothing specifically in our ToS against this. In fact, we admire
any clever bit of scripting that you might want to do. Unless some
unforseen horror crops up, you have the thumbs up. My only advice would
be to make sure all of your communication pipes are non-blocking.
Blocking could make your CPU minute usage go through the roof. (It may
go through the roof anyhow, in which case we’ll have to ask you to stop.)
Also, we can’t be held responsible for any sort of harm you might cause
your own account, obviously. Good luck.


well, i asked support, and this is the fantastic reply I got:


You must create all email addresses through our Panel Let us know
if there is anything else that we can help you with.

Brian S.


They’re right, but desoto got a more indepth reply, to his more indepth quesiton. They’re right, in both cases; all such changes, E-mail or other, must go through Dreamhost’s Panel. If you can find a script or rig one up that will send requests from your website through the panel, then you’re more than welcome to do so. (Apparently you need to be wary of CPU resources that you use though)

Perhaps you two can share information to get your goals accomplished.


I’m trying to. Dreamhost, you guys kick ass, and I’d like to be hosted by you for as long as you stay a company… but the one thing that you could do though is improve things OTHER than just disk space/bandwidth.

Squirrelmail skins?
cpanel? etc.?

cPanel is not an improvement.
cPanel makes system modifications and has to be installed at a low level. The admin panel is supposed to “BE” the “cPanel”. I did like the flexibility of the WHM, but hey, I work with what I get.

Also, some people may not like certain SquirrelMail skins, and I don’t believe Dreamhost should load down all installations with a metric TON of skins.
Feel free to install it yourself and add whatever skins you like.
(On a side note, I like software that has a ‘userdir’ per installation. Like if SQ mail were installed in /var/www/sqmail and you could add in plugins/skins into your ~/.sqmail/{plugins,skins} directory. Alas.)

know of any free squirrelmail skins? AFAIK the way squirrelmail skins work is hosting companys have to buy them per server and make them available for every user

also there isnt even such thing as a metric ton of squirrelmail skins seeing as there is virtually none out there.