Automated ssl certs?

Is there some way to automate the setting of SSL certificates? I didn’t see anything in the console API.

No, there isn’t currently. Sorry.

We don’t currently provide any way to add hosting to a domain automatically either, though, so I’m not sure what you’d need this for. If you’re thinking of implementing Let’s Encrypt yourself, please be aware that we’re already working on that.

That’s unfortunate. I guess it can always be automated the hard way.

Let’s Encrypt is indeed the driving factor for this query. It’s been a month since it was stated in that thread that Dreamhost was working it. I realize that Let’s Encrypt is still in beta and you may be waiting for it to go public to release the Dreamhost integration. Even so, I see no reason I should wait around since I have the ability and time to do it myself. I’m sure to learn something in the process.

You might take this opportunity to consider enabling SSL cert changes via the API. They do need to be renewed periodically and our future robot overlords are likely to approve if we automate all the things.

totally off topic, but are you posting from the small rouge one? nice reference