Automated Site Testing?


Does Dreamhost offer automated site testing, or do I need to use (or write) an external service?

My VPS site has gone down 4 times in the 30 days since I started it, and nothing happens until I post a ticket.



If you mean uptime testing, are good external (free!) service.


Yes, uptime testing. Thanx muchly, I’ll check them out, and search for others.


I’ve been using the free service on for a few years.

Using their free service, you can set things up so they send you an email as soon as they can’t ping your server (they test every five minutes).


I ended up writing my own, and putting it in a cron on a different server. It’s a little more overhead than a simple ping, but not an issue for me. Here is a simplified version; easy to add additional info, or change to a ping. At least on some servers, cron won’t send an email if there is no output, so this only emails when it fails.

$url = ‘’; // point to a simple or special page
if (!($contents = file_get_contents($url))) {
echo “$url FAILED”;


I signed up for pingdom as a result of this thread. One site is free, with 1-minute resolution from around the world. Pretty good. You can also specify a script to request, it could do the same thing you are doing here. The script could run a series of tests that a normal request wouldn’t do. I’ve got mine verifying not only that the site responds, but also that the database connection is up (requesting a page doesn’t necessarily create a connection to the DB).


Yeah, crontab’d scripts are the duck’s guts for db tests, updating caches, etc.

The free Pingdom account for uptime testing is suitable for my Dreamhost domains due to them all being on a single server - so if one domain is reported as unresponsive I know that they were all down at that time.


Pingdom is so depressing! I signed up for an account based on your post. It’s been ten days now, and Pingdom reports six downtime incidents for a total of 4 hours and 34 minutes… That’s an average of 27 minutes downtime per day…

All I can say is: wow… I always thought DreamHost was more stable than this…


I don’t average that kind of downtime even on a monthly basis.

I have had “extended” downtime at times - but that was due to me accidentally setting incorrect directory permissions and not bothering to check :smiley: