Auto refresh?

Hi there,

I’m finding that as I update my website on a regular basis, when I go to look at it again the updated content does not show until I refresh the page. This is fine for me as I know that I should refresh, but it means that visitors to my site do not always see the updated content.

Does anyone know a solution to this problem? Perhaps a Meta tag that automatically refreshes the page as soon as it loads?


You could use any of the no-cache tricks available to try to force browsers to recheck the content (eg. setting expires to last year in a htaccess file).

Mr. Google will show you heaps of tricks :wink:

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Thanks sXi. Could you give me an idea of a search term for google?

I’m guessing by the sound of ‘no-cache’ that it might be a solution that stops the user caching cookies… if this is the case do you foresee any problems in load times etc?

Cheers, George has a discussion that gives a few ideas for php, html javascript methods.

meta tag would be

java script

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Thanks very much. Will have a read of that and try those suggestions out and see how I go.

Cheers guys,

I’ve just been thinking about those tags…

If I were to set it to:

i.e. so that as soon as the page loads it refreshes and shows the latest content, then it would refresh infinitely, am I wrong?

Is there any way of requesting it to refresh just once?