Auto Rank


Well for starters let me say that I have NO experience with PHP or MySql at all. I would like to run a top list script for a domain that I have. The one I am going to be using is AutoRank. I am certainly trying to learn this on my own however I cannot figure out how to install this script on the server. Someone has been trying to walk me through some of it but the best they can tell me is that I have to set up MySql in the control panel. After that I’m completely lost. In the control panel it says do not use a sub-domain already listed within manage/domain. Ok LOL so what the hell do I use? AutoRank does come with instructions and that’s fine and good but I don’t know how to put the two together. Remember I need this explained to me in plain english, cause everything I’m reading right now assumes that I know what they are talking about and it all just looks greek to me. Thanks for any help…

Anything that that doesn’t already exist. When you setup a database, its actually on a “database machine”, not a “web machine”. So you need a new sub-domain that points to the “database machine”.

You can use a naming convention of your choice, such as “” or the name of the database “” for example. Just remember database names use underscores where as hostnames use hypens.

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