Auto Copy and Edit from one FTP to another

Hey guys!
I’ve got a nice juicy problem and could use some help.

I have a Game Server hosted for me, that provides FTP access to a folder that is populated daily with an online browsable worldmap.

What I’d like to do, is set up an automatic copy of that folder to my Dreamhost Account, then edit a single file on a daily basis.

Issues: I dont have shell access to the Game Server, although I’m on good terms with my host, so could probably get basic stuff done for me.

I’m guessing it involves a cron job a shell script at the Dreamhost end, but i’ve not got much experience there…

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Is that FTP access anonymous? Otherwise, you will need your FTP username and password stored in plain text in a file in your account. Here’s a small tutorial on the subject:
Instead of their “put” command, you’ll need a “get” or “mget” which will do a multiple get where you can use wildcards.

Wow, thanks for that.
That should get me started…

One slight issue, I’m dealing with a bunch of subdirectories.
Apparently: “Note: mget and mput are not meant to transfer entire direc-
tory subtrees of files. That can be done by transferring a
tar(1) archive of the subtree (in binary mode).”

That might cause me an issue, as its quite a big chunk of files and folders.