Auto-accept and auto-forward emails

I’m in the process of setting up a personal website, but I’m afraid I’m kind of fumbling through the dark here.

When signing up on dreamhost for hosting my domain, I choose to use gmail for my email. But, I’m attempting to accomplish what was outlined here:

The point that has me terribly clueless is where it tells me to set it up so that all emails sent through my domain are automatically accepted and forwarded to a single account.
Does anyone know how to do this? Thank you.

The gist of the article is that you have to go to AOL, or wherever your old email account is, and set it to Forward to your new email address.

For example, I have an address. I logged into my Apple account and set it to forward all mail to my address at gmail. Now I no longer have to comb through old email accounts. I use a single mailbox for all of my correspondence.

The upshot is that Gmail does a great job of filtering all the spam that’s forwarded to me from my old addresses.


Well that’s part of it, but there’s also this added dimension:
getting every email sent to forward to single address.
So, for example, if I set up an account on “,” I can give them the email address "" Any email they send me (or anyone they give my email to!) is forwarded automatically to my main email address without me having to have manually set up beforehand.

There is an option in google apps to forward messages sent to non-registered accounts to a specific account, but then it doesn’t show me what address it was sent to!

You see, this is my desired result:
I have a personal email account that I use to check my mail. When I give out my email address I can give them a custom address All messages sent to my domain is forwarded to my personal account. Once there I can use filters to organize my mail, so I could view everything sent to separately from
Finally, although this seems less possible, I’d like to be able to reply as the account they sent my mail to.

Hope this clarifies, as I said, I’m a little new to this. D:

Thank you!

You can always view the raw text of the message to view the original recipient address. From Gmail’s web interface, it’s near the Reply button. Click the down arrow for the dropdown menu and click Show original.

The article you reference tells you how to add a plus to the email address so you can use so you know which address they used.