Authorized IP Address registration broken?

When I try to log in it prompts me to enter my email address and password, and then it prompts for my multifactor authentication key, and then it says my IP isn’t authorized and gives a link to but that link redirects right back to the login page which takes me through the same steps all over again!

It looks like is redirecting (301 Moved Permanently) to which is in turn redirecting (302 Found) back to

And of course I can’t access the Technical Support form without logging in and I can’t log in without authorizing my IP address. I did submit a form to “Other” but I assume that’s just a /dev/null. I can’t email because it tells me I need a ticket number which I can’t get because I can’t log in! Very frustrating.

I know that my email, password, and multifactor authentication are all correct because if I purposely use wrong ones I get different error messages.
I was able to authorize my IP by using Firefox instead of Chrome.

Could it be a cookie issue because I recently logged into a different dreamhost account from the same browser? If so, that’s definitely a bug that should be fixed!

Clear cookies and find out!

Sadly I can’t do that experiment because getting my IP authorized via Firefox and then logging in via Chrome has cleared whatever condition in Chrome was preventing authorization of the IP address. I no longer trigger the need to authorize my IP address because it’s authorized now.