Authorize posting on DH Discussion list



Is it possible to authorize posting, i.e. grant persmission to post only to specific sendres?
Is it possible to attach files (which will be also attached to the distributed emails)?

And a question about Announcment newsletter software - is it posibble to start a newsletter by sending Email to the system (like posting in a discussion group)?
Thanks for your help.


No response from the forum, so I have asked fro support from DH team, and the answers are as follows:

Moderation can be set for each subscriber individually. You can set some
specific users to unmoderated, so their emails go straight through to the
list subscribers. All other users, and all new users, can be set to
moderated, and emails to the list from them will be held in a moderation
queue. List administrators can delete the emails in the moderation
queue, approve individual emails to be sent to list subscribers, or
ignore them. Our discussion list software uses the open source Mailman
software, and there are many webpages with more documentation and
information about this. Here’s a page with some information about
enabling moderation:[/quote]