Authorization Required Error

I moved the web directory of one of my sub-domains, and now when I try to visit the site, I get a “401 Authorization Required”. I don’t have HTA access enabled on that domain or the parent domain. Does anyone know why this might be happening and how to fix it?

Thank you

Did you update the Fully Hosted settings to point to the new directory? What’s the URL of your site? And what’s actually in there? Some installations do have a .htaccess, or some .php mechanism that’s directory dependent.


I used the Fully Hosted settings to point the sub-domain tot he new directory. The new sub-domain doesn’t have any files in nit yet, and the one I moved only has a couple of PHP files and a couple of images.

So you’re trying to move the ‘esme’ subdomain over to the ‘bin’ subdomain? I’m not getting a 401 with either one.

If so, you can create a New Fully Hosted Subdomain, and play the rename game:

  1. Create ‘bin’ fully hosted subdomain (panel will create this folder)
  2. Rename
  3. Rename
  4. mkdir (now your original subdomain will be empty)

I find this to be a cleaner solution than renaming (sub)domain folders. This way the folder naming conventions remain consistent.


Hi Scott,

I found the issue. There was a hidden htaccess and htpasswd in the parent domain. FileZilla didn’t show those files. I used the windows ftp and deleted the files, and everything is working now.

Thanks for the help though.