Authenticated SMTP in OE for Mac

Is there a bug in Outlook Express for the Mac? I can’t get it to work with authenticated SMTP, but I have no problem with Netscape Mail. I’m using OE 5.02. I looked on the Microsoft site, but saw no bug report. Anybody else have this problem?

I ask because Dreamhost’s Will is solving some other mail problems for me, but this particular one seems to be email-client specific and he thought there was something wacky with OE for Mac.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Can you supply any information on the nature of the error? Does an error message appear, and if so, what does it say?


yes, the error is:
Mail Error: The server doesn’t support SMTP authentication.
This is with the SMTP authentication set to use “same as incoming mail”.
But, as I was saying, no problems with Netscape Mail. I’m actually going to re-install Outlook Express from a new download from the Microsoft site and see if it makes a difference. (oh, and I’m using Mac OS 9.1).

This sounds more like a Server-related problem.

What server are you trying to connect to?

A dreamhost SMTP server? A dreamhost POP server? Or a different service provider?

Dreamservers use Authenticated SMTP so you shouldn’t have any problems connecting to them.


nope. new install didn’t make a difference. It’s version 5.0.2 (2022). Too bad. It’s the only Microsoft product I actually like.

Sorry. I didn’t see your post. Yes, I’m connecting to a dreamserver. A dedicated server hosted at dreamhost. It’s crazy. Why should I be able to send from Netscape Mail, but not from Outlook Express? Exact same connection. That’s why we thought it was an OE for Mac bug. I’m going to test on my PC, too.

Or maybe it has something to do with my internet hookup? Could that be? I’ve got dsl shared over a LAN using Vicomsoft’s SurfDoubler (mac). I’m just making stuff up now.


Sorry I don’t know enough information about DreamServers to be able to help you.

Dream[color=#CC0000]host[/color] does not offer SMTP services therefore I’m not familiar with their setup.

Have you tried unchecking the [color=#CC0000]Authentication Required[/color] dialogue box? This is not a software specific problem, therefore I wouldn’t waste my time reloading the software.

Try sending a message to Tech Support from your Web Panel.

Did any instructions on how to set up email come with your Dreamserver account? Did they specify that you had to use Authenticated SMTP? Are you behind a firewall?


We actually do offer Authenticated SMTP with all plans (although it’s not setup on dedicated machines by default).

Some versions of OE for Mac don’t work properly with SMTP authentication however. Messenger works fine, and I believe the latest versions of Eudora do. OE for PC works as well. With both versions of OE, configuration is kind of tricky. There is some information on this in the kbase, but hopefully we’ll be able to add more descriptive instructions with screenshots soon.