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When I sign up for hosting here, it asks me to fax a bunch of information to a fax number. Something strange is that it asks for me to make an imprint of my actual Credit Card with a crayon. I do not feel comfortable doing this with all the scams out there today. My Credit Card could easily be duplicated and sold/used by someone else.

Is there any way I can contact Dreamhost via phone or verify my credit card another way? I would feel a lot better if I could do this.

Also, another thing is that I was curious why there is no Secure Payment/Transaction used when purchasing hosting from Dreamhost. It’s just you type in you Credit Card number and BAM - you purchased hosting. Normally with other hosting sites it says like “Secure Payment” or something related to that.

This is a great deal, but some things are too good to be true and I just don’t want to be scammed (obviously). Thanks for reading this, and thanks for your replies.

Wow, that does sound really supicious. When I signed up with dreamhost it was nothing like that, there should be secure server pages (allways verifable by the lock symbol at the bottom of your browser page). And I would never make an imprint of my credit card, that’s just rediclous! there is no need for that what so ever. The latest systems use the three digit security identification number on the back of you credit card as an extra step, but no one needs to see an imprtint of your card or any other kind of reproduction.

I just went to to pretend to sign up, and I got a secure page at Is that what your browser is displaying?

You might go to this page and let some one who works at dreamhost know abotu this…

I would recommend checking your computer out throughly with an Anti-Virus Program, Spy-Bot S&D, and Add Aware. Let thoes program throughly scan your system, and then try again.

I’d be curious to know how this comes out…


Yeah, the secure page worked when I used my Windows OS, (I was using Linux before), but the imprint thing is still kind of weird.

Weird, but I guess it’s to prove that you have physical possession of the card and aren’t using a pirated account.

I’ve always gotten the secure page and not dealt with them via fax, so I don’t know.

i got the same email too… it wants me to fax to them…

hmmm… so what are we going to do???

Don’t worry. I got the same email when joining but a couple of days after I got another email saying my account have been approved. I suggest you wait a little.

hey, thanks for your advice.

btw, how’s dreamhost coming on for you so far?

I heard that its too good to be true and there are people who told me not to sign up, but i sign up neverthless…

It’s perfect so far. I had some minor downtime in the past but support have been great and it’s smooth now.