Aussie domains?

Hi All,

Have just started using DreamHost recently, but I’m just wondering what happends if I want to host a domain ( Australian domain ).

If I register it in Australia, how do I then host it with DreamHost. Just need to know how this is done and if anyone has suggestions for a good company to do the registration. Melbourne IT seems very expensive at AUS$140 per year !

TIA - Dave P

You will not be able to register the domain through DreamHost (I think you are already aware of this), but you should have no problems hosting it here.

The procedure is exactly the same as hosting a .com that is registered elsewhere. First, you simply use whatever configuration utility your registrar provides to configure the DNS records for the domain to point at the DreamHost DNS servers.

Then you add the domain to the DreamHost hosting system using the panel.

Domains -> Manage Domains -> Add New Domain / Sub-Domain

You add the domain as ‘Fully Hosted’.

Give it a day or two for the DNS changes to fully propagate around the Internet and your .au domain should work fine.


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Cheers Mark - Appreciate that - Dave

No problems Dave, glad to help.

I just noticed that I missed the question in your original post regarding .au registrars :slight_smile:

You are right of-course, registering a .au domain is a complete ripoff. You can often get half a dozen .coms and a full hosting package for the same price as a single .au registration.

Having said that, there are a few places that offer reasonable deals (relatively speaking) from time to time.

My suggestion would be to hit and see what the current offers are (be sure to read the small print :slight_smile:


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I have no problem hosting a .au domain here in DreamHost.

For .au domain comparison, here’s a website that compares prices of all registrars and resellers:

It pretty much tells you – don’t buy from Melbourne IT!

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