Audio podcast - old school! Need help

Hi, I realize audio podcasts are very 2006 but I love 'em. I do a lot of radio and it’s a great way to get those interviews out to my readers.

Here’s my problem. Most services out there charge extra to do simple stuff — create a blog, post MP3s to it, then generate an RSS feed that can be sent to iTunes.

I’ve been using Podbean, which is basically a modified WP blog, but I’ve maxed it out and they want $30/year for what I think DH could do for free. Maybe I’m just being cheap.

However, none of the old WP plugins for podcasting seem to have been updated to the new edition, and I’m starting to think I’m supposed to just move on…

Is anyone in DH land happily hosting and feeding their own audio podcasts to listeners? Thanks.

Took me a few minutes to sort thru, but I took a personal interest since your column appears in my old school content providers daily printed edition.

When you say “maxed out” that was confusing at first. But it looks like you have a podbean account to provide podcast via a seperate wordpress blog. looking at podbean’s price schedule I couldn’t really figure out what level you are going to and from for 30.00 per year, so no further comment whether that is a good deal or not, but you are probably right that you can do it with dreamhost for no additional charge.

Next you commented on “old wordpress plugins” that “seem not to have been updated”. Whenever I see someone saying something like that I ask “Why, what changed?” so I headed over to and searched codex. Bingo. From "Podcasting is seamlessly supported as of WordPress 1.5. Just link to an audio file in one of your posts and WordPress will automatically add the necessary enclosure tag to your RSS2 feed to make it useable as a podcast. "

So in short yes, with an up-to-date wordpress installation (1.5 is ancient history, so your blog is most likely already beyond) on dreamhost you can host your podcasts with no additional fees from podbean.

On an unrelated note: How about an update on that front page story earlier in the summer about Katie’s exit status?

Hey thanks LakeRat. I was going at the FREE level since, well, I didn’t want to pay…

I agree with you, having read that same page of the codex, that WP should be able to accommodate my podcast. But I thrown off because my browser did not display an RSS feed element where it used to, in the URL bar.

So here’s what I did: (a) I went to an RSS validator and typed in my new WP blog with one item posted to it, (b) I grabbed the RSS URL that it grabbed when validating my feed. © I went to feedburner and plugged that in as my new feed address. (d) I pinged my feedburner URL and … success.

OK, so it seems to work. We’ll know for sure when the iTunes feed updates.

But one more question: Why am I looking at a plain old hyperlink in my post:

Shouldn’t there be a MP3 player chiclet or something there? I think this is why I have gone after third-party plugin solutions in the past … because they always had a cool player module. I do link people directly to these posts, after all, and it would be nice if they had an attractive player to click.

I’m not a wordpress expert by any means, but keep scrolling down on that same page in codex and find the the part that deal with the podpress plugin. That plugin seems to be up to date with Aug31 2011 update and one of the features listed is an automatic media player with control over where the player appears in the post.

Looking at page source for your current test page, i’m not sure that iTunes will update. There is an rss2 reference but there is no itpc:// reference as suggested in codex. (Although codex says it only “makes life easier” for iTunes users) The podpress plugin seems to resolve that issue as well.