Attempting to publish using Coda


Hi all,

I am a real beginner trying to publish my first web pages. I am using the mac application Coda to publish to (hamal is the name of my server, I think).

My main question is how to get my web pages published. I
have Coda set up to connect to with my correct
username and password, so when I hit “publish” in Coda, I can see the files on my
website by using FTP. It is definitely connecting, but I do not know
how to publish the pages for the public to see or how to assign
specific urls to each page. I think my main problem is my lack of
understanding of the terminology that Coda uses. When I right click
on my site I see several boxes to fill in. I am assuming that “Root
URL” is just my domain name, but I’m not sure what to put for “Remote
Root” or “Local Root.” For the time being I set the remote root to be
my domain name (with no path) and my local root to be a folder called
"local_root" on my hard drive.

Is there any advice that someone could offer about how to get this
stuff up on the web? Maybe there is some method for naming folders
and locating files that I need to follow?