Attempting to Install/Setup a database script

Hello. Psy here.

Basically, I’m attempting something new for a website that I’m moving onto my server/plan here at Dreamhost. It’s what is called an Online TCG (or Trading Card Game). The script is called TCG Admin and can be found here,

However, once I did that, although the database was made/edited correctly, I cannot use the panel to add card decks, member changes or anything that it is supposed to do.

Basically, I’m at a loss. I can pull up certain files for people to view or if it is needed, I’ll try to rangle together a way to access and upload those files if someone feels that they can help me out.

Anyways, if there is any other information needed or wanted, please post here and I will get in touch with whatever information is needed.

Thanks for reading this and I hope to find a solution soon.