Attempted to rebuild my site from scratch. Seem to have broken it in the process

Thanks for taking a look.

My domain, previously hosted a wordpress blog, installed using the DreamHost One-Click install.

Foolishly, rather than delete the content via the wordpress CMS, I completely removed Wordpress itself and thought I’d begin anew.

After a few muddling attempts at deleting/rebuilding I seem to have completely broken my site.

I don’t know how and I don’t know why.

What I would like to do is completely and permanently delete everything via dreamhost and being again -from scratch.

*** EDIT ***

Seems I just had to be patient, thank you all.

I would still like to know how to delete everything completely though

*** END EDIT ***

I apologise for my naivety, I am stuck is all.

Thank you.

Two things if you’re using the dreamhost panel to delete, there are delays before the panel robot does what you asked. It says at the top of the page 10-20minutes in most cases. Part of that is an intentional delay, so that you have time to undo an action before it actually happens. The other part of the delay is usually negligible and that’s jobs ahead of yours in queue. Normally the queuing delay isn’t much, but it could add a few minutes. (back a few years ago when Dreamhost reset all server passwords the panel robot actually got so far behind it was taking a day for any change to occur,)

The second delay is DNS, depending on how you accomplish deleting a site, there might be a DNS change. The panel robot updates Dreamhost DNS servers right away when it does whatever other action was needed. DNS takes time to propagate tho. For a DNS change to reach everywhere in the world might take 4-8 hours due to caching. You can avoid DNS changes on your domain by deleting files via the shell or SFTP, rather than changing or deleting the hosting options on your account. I’m not sure what changes the one-click installer makes if you have it do the deletion because I don’t use the one click installer very often.

With a wordpress site (and many other CMS’s) there are two elements that have to be deleted: files on disk on the webserver, and the database.