Attachments for announce list

I would like to use an announce list to send out a monthly news letter as an attached PDF
how do I send an email to an announce list with an attached file.

If I cannot can you propose an option?

No attachments. Add a link to the PDF on your site. Naturally, the announcement will have to be in HTML rather than plain text.


Will this option work if the recipient has email to text only?

I’m not sure. I’d expect that there would be a plain-text version in parallel, but I don’t know how the link would appear. You could always include the raw URL so they can cut-and-paste as well.


I’m hoping to do the same thing. In my case, it’s something I do not want on my site - only in email. Linking to the website isn’t good enough for our organisation’s minutes. A newsletter would be fine, but not the minutes. They are not a matter for public record.

Is it possible for Dreamhost to add this functionality?

If you really want to do standard mail attachments, use a Discussion list that’s moderated so that only one person can post to the list.