ATmail's "Show Quoted Text" ... HELP!

Guys, I need help. I am with an organization who’s membership is old veterans (I’m talking WWII guys, in their 90s, Vietnam Vets in their 70s) … and a good number of these guys are barely able to work a computer to get their mail, let alone deal with links, and what not.

Hell, I have guys that have a laptop set up for them by their grand-kids that is used for nothing except their email from our organization … they never close their email client, and if they do accidentally, they have to call their grand-kids. God help us if I have to attach something.

My problem is, when I forward something to these guys, I immediately get back a ton of replies telling me there was nothing in my message. Well, there was, but its hidden behind this light grey link at the very bottom of my comments that says [color=#006400]“Show quoted text”[/color].

How do I get ATMAIL to just show the damned email I’m am forwarding, so they can just scroll down to it?

I will start using an email client if that is my only option … I don’t want to, but I will. It would be so much better if I could just do it in ATMAIL because I administer the organizations email from about 5 different computers (and my phone) throughout the day.


There are two options that I can think of off the top of my head.

One would be to convert all emails to plain text which you would be able to enable the option in the message filters section in the dreamhost panel

The other method would be to view the webmail through the mobile viewer, which disables the “show quoted text” link

These two workarounds may not be ideal depending on the situation; Maybe someone else will know of a better way to remove “Show quoted text” for the desktop version of atmail. Hope this helps.

Thank you for the reply … unfortunately, I can’t complicate things more.

I am serious when I say I have guys that have laptops for only one purpose … their email.

If anything goes wrong or changes … its weeks before they get their email working again. Some of these guys are in their mid-90s.

Have you already considered having them use a proper email client instead of the web interface?

Actually we tried that, with Thunderbird. Here is the issue … these guys are in their 80s and 90s. They are WWII vets. Now I know its hard for us to comprehend … but they not only have ZERO technical capabilities, they fear, even hate computers. Many are still pissed as hell at us that we stopped snail-mailing out the monthly news letter (it just got too expensive).

The INSTANT an update notice pops up (for some of these guys) on a mail client, they go into mental lock … it breaks the sequence they got through to access their email.

We find out 5 months later, they just stopped accessing their email because they figured they broke something, might break something, or didn’t want to deal with it. Seriously, 5 months is an exaggeration, but not by much.

At least with ATMail, the updates are semi-transparent to them. They just happen.