What a load of rubbish, does no-one at DH look at functionality when doing something new? Presumably this was introduced for Dreamhost’s benefit, certainly not mine. Roundcube was much better.

Who would introduce web-mail without an auto retrieve? Unbelievable. The 3 pane choice doesn’t let you have your email body at the bottom. Junk mail handling pathetic (as it always has been on DH webmail, since 2007 from my experience).

Move the person who decided on this to toilet cleaning, maybe that’s where they came from.

Its very slow.
HTML links don’t work.
It’s not possible to change the Sent folder. I was storing mine by year but it is now sending them to Sent by default.
There doesn’t appear to be a Delete and Next function which I used a lot in Squirrel mail.
…and another thing. The help says there are features that don’t actually exist. Like being able to choose a theme or a UI colour.

I notice no response from Dreamhost, perhaps they don’t monitor these forums. I challenge them to come clean on this mess, admit their errors, and get rid of this amateurish piece of “software”. It’s as if they are putting two fingers up to people who use webmail. I’ve been with them since 2007 and seen them do some ridiculous things (as well as some good things), but never actually ruin something like this.

It also offers no means of creating properly-formatted replies (plain-text, lines under 80 columns, quoted lines preceded by “>” signs and suitable for trimming and interleaving replies, the way God intended e-mail to be sent, or would if He actually existed), but since I rarely use webmail anyway I won’t raise that much of a fuss.

I will, however, raise a complaint about the unannounced introduction of auto-filtering (which seems to take place whether or not you ever use the webmail interface) in which messages get placed in “Promotional” and “Social” folders instead of the regular inbox based on what seem to be undocumented and uneditable criteria. When I download my messages into my mail client (Pegasus Mail) by POP (as I’ve been doing for 20 years), only the regular inbox comes in, so I have no way of seeing the other messages except through the webmail interface, and some useful-to-me stuff like Yahoo Groups digests and restaurant coupons wind up in those folders; I’d prefer to let my mail client deal with the folder-filtering. Is there any way to disable the server-side filtering (other than of spam, which it seems to be doing a decent job at)?

This mail client is a friggin disaster

Dreamhost: Please provide a method or instructions for turning OFF the auto-filtering to ‘Promotion’ and ‘Social’ folders. I do not use webmail, but my dedicated mail clients now include this filtering (must happen at dreamhost before the messages get to me). This has completely broken my mail workflow and spam filtering.

This un-announced ‘feature’ will cause me to move my hosting elsewhere!