ATMail - Mark all messages?

Squirrelmail used to have a checkbox at the top of the column so you could mark all messages showing. How do I mark all messages showing on a page? I like to empty my spam folder so I know I don’t miss any mis-labeled messages.

No such feature as far as I know

This is a pathetic mail client, no features, 4 times slower than Squirrelmail.
I requested my server mail to be excluded from this shit mail service, been with this company for years.

Whoever runs DreamHost now has converted is to ShitHost imho.


The old client had it.

The new client is missing

  • toggle all messages checkbox
  • ability to log in with aliases
  • identity management so you can send with aliases
  • view mail as plain text

The “new features”???

  • dinky icons for obvious stuff
  • a harder to read interface that gives me a headache
  • gmail style "filters"
    All of these are less thaqn useless.

It lost more than it gained. A decent webmail interface has now been dumbed down and rendered less functional.



I miss seeing email in plain text as well. At least images don’t autoload. Small miracles.

More lost features:

  • the ability/setting to NOT save sent messages automatically
  • the ability/setting to NOT save contacts automatically
  • the ability/button to cancel a message without having it automatically save to drafts
  • the ability to open a message in a printable format / print view (even if people don’t print to paper, printing to PDF is very handy)

if I were ever hacked on Squirrel, at least I would have peace of mind that my contact list wouldn’t get spammed. now I’ll have to keep pruning that list to keep it empty. wasted time. same with sent folder, will have to prune, then ensure messages are deleted from trash.

Also, I can’t figure out any way to open a single email in another tab. Squirrel used to allow this.
And Squirrel was good about “closed all the existing webmail tabs? you’re logged out!” now I have to remember to log out or returning to the webmail address pops me right back in, no login required.

A bit surprising, the old JunkMail folder still exists, still collects messages, and the new Spam folder seems to be gathering dust… ( ) … so if you’re not checking it, you might be surprised at all the junk collecting in JunkMail…

That does exist, it’s hidden in the little gear icon just to the right of the trash icon. but see my post below, lots of features now gone.

Worse yet, I was reading a message to day, and wanted to go to the next message in the mailbox.

With Squirrelmail, I could just click “next” or “previous”.

Now I have to go back to the main mailbox, then click on the next message to read. More actions, more load time.

This thing is so feature deficient it’s pathetic, and what they tout as “features” is nothing more than window dressing:

  • Server side filters that they configure, not you, and that interfere with IMAP? Not a feature at all, it’s a bug.

They say: “Faster – Better hardware and built-in caching allows faster service/decreased load times than previous Webmail clients.”

I say: Bullshit. It is slow to index and display

They say: “Contacts – atmail offers the ability to create custom contact groups and add photos to individual contacts.”

I say: Adding pictures to contacts? Who cares! Contact groups are useless when you can’t send out as an alias.

They say: “Active development – atmail is actively developing its software to remain current and relevant. atmail’s sole focus is on email so its full attention is on product development for Webmail applications.”

I say: If that is active development, give me inactive and stable, instead of useless “features” that don’t even do what the older client did

They say: “Larger uploads – Offers the ability to upload attachments much larger than former versions of Webmail, and allows up to 30MB through the web browser interface.”

I say: This was always just a setting on the webmail configuration. Not a weakness of the client, a weakness of the person who set it up.

They say: “Mobile UI – Comes with a mobile user interface that you can use with any modern smartphone.”

I say: This is stupid. Mobile devices already have native mail UIs, and you would just set it up in that, not download another stupid app. You should never have to use webmail on a smartphone.

They say: “Click & drag attachments – When creating a new email in atmail, you can easily drag a file from your computer into atmail to automatically attach a file.”

I say: What use is that? Is this thing for children who can only do point and click, or is it for small business users that are adults and know how to browse and pick a file? Another feature that is just window dressing, not actually useful.

So everything they list as such a great feature is useless, pointless, or actively interferes with a small business user.

I don’t know who their target user base is, but even most Yahoo and Gmail users are more sophisticated.

Click the “More” gear icon next to the “Trash” icon at the top left-hand side of the page. In the drop-down options choose “Select All.”

[quote=“salela, post:7, topic:63712”]

Click the “More” gear icon next to the “Trash” icon at the top left-hand side of the page. In the drop-down options choose “Select All.”
[/quote]Ah, nice. Thanks! That saved one of the two major headaches…

Now if only there was a back/forward when reading individual messages… sigh.

The new Atmail have many bugs, the staff will fix it soon. It’s new so all is not working perfectly. We have to wait :confused:

Is there someone who found the solution ?