Atmail Loading Icon Animation

I’m not sure if this was intentional or not, but the loading animation ( for Atmail spins counter-clockwise, opposite of just about every other modern website and application.

Even the Ajax loading animation on Atmail ( spins clockwise.

Most folks probably wouldn’t notice (or care about) something this small, but it’s something that bothers me every time I use Atmail.

–Kevin Fairchild

Probably someone being a smartarse.

Does it spin counter-clockwise only when you’re “going back” or have they made it the default spinner?

It probably spins clockwise in the southern hemisphere…

sXi is in the southern hemisphere…lol

Default spinner.

I go to Atmail, log in, and as it is loading the mailbox the counter-clockwise loading animation occurs.

Honestly, I assumed a dev did it to see the difference between the Ajax loader and the non-Ajax one…but who knows.

I take it you don’t see this behavior on Atmail…?

–Kevin Fairchild